Field Services

Field services

Where telephone calls and emails have failed we are able to reach out to our client’s customers directly. Debtors will often respond to our direct request for contact and this often leads to a positive outcome for both the customer and our client, once the reengagement process is concluded.

A field visit to reach out to customers is ideal for clients who have lost contact with their customers and would like to regain dialogue with them. Whether the customer has changed their phone number or is no longer responding to phone calls or letters, a field visit to the clients address can be useful to re-establish a line of communication.

Upon visiting the address we will speak with the customer to ascertain the following:

  • why their account is in arrears
  • if they are in financial difficulty
  • if they are in a position to bring the account up to date
  • their preferred method of communication

On request, we can also arrange for an income and expenditure verification form to be completed, which enables our clients to gain an insight into the customer’s current financial situation.

Vehicle inspections can also be arranged where necessary, particularly when disputes arise and our clients are looking to establish the asset’s current condition and/or determine that their goods are still in their customer’s possession.

We provide these services to our clients in all cases where there is no contact with the customers.

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