Repossession services

Our company policy has always been to try and reach out to our clients’ customers with a view to try and get them back onto a repayment plan, set up with a figure that is achievable.

If this fails, and our clients require their vehicle to be collected, we will try to make this a smooth and amicable process.

We know this can be very a distressing time, so we take an empathic and compassionate approach to make this unfortunate situation a brief transition.

We recover assets of any value or size; from cars and motorbikes to motorhomes, HGV’s, farm machinery and plant, from anywhere within the UK. We do this in a professional, courteous and compliant manner in line with FCA guidelines (we hold full permission status – 673924).

We have a nationwide network of experienced repossession and collections agents who are capable of managing all types of repossession instructions from our clients.

All our agents are trained in data protection protocol, and follow very strictly the guidelines set out by the FCA.

Our varied fleet ensures that we are able of transporting all types of vehicles within legal payloads safely and securely to any requested disposal site.

FIS recovery truck with two hgv's on the back

HGV repossessions and collections

We also have experience in handling HGV repossession and collections, working with our team of HGV-qualified drivers across the UK to ensure our clients assets are secured safely and promptly.

Plant and farm machinery recovery

Our services extend beyond consumer and commercial vehicles, as we have the capability to recover plant, farm machinery, fork lifts, excavators, diggers of all sizes and even cranes should our clients have the need for it.

FIS recovery truck with orange digger

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